Architecture, nature and movement

currentMunich - Soul of a City

"What is a city anyway? The question is so complex that the broader question of the soul of a city seems absurd, even though it has magically attracted generations of theologians, philosophers and artists and led to excellent results."

2005-2017Berlin - Layers of Movement

"(...) through the cinematic gathering and stretching and distorting and de-distorting, one also gains a different perspective as a viewer, (...). On the Berlin of different speeds. On the city as a machine and as a network. On the juxtaposition and in-between and at the same time of the big city."

1997-1999Formations & Space

"One of the most captivating quality of Küderli's artistic research is the way it involves the viewers into a resonant dialectic with the environment, to snatch the soul and the spirit of a city that exist in the architecturally grown body."

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"Küderli captures with the camera, develops the images, only to cut them up a little later with the utmost precision and then superimpose them, double to dozens of times."

Felix Kessler, "The beauty of the evening rush hour", Der Tagesspiegel, 2017

natascha küderli

"I compare some cities in a figurative sense to a woman. A city receives and it gives birth - to people, ideas and environments such as architecture (streets and buildings), institutions (hospitals, education, art and culture...) or economy."